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Mother's Day Tea

Mom. Momma. Mommy. Mother. Mummy. No matter what you call her, there's no other like her in the world!

Mark your calendar for the annual Mother's Day Tea.

Print the flyer, share it and remember - tickets are needed in advance. Food. Fun. Live entertainment. Prizes. Surprises.
Come join the fun!

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Bethany's Facebook page Congregational Meeting
HIHI (Help for
the Homeless)
Holiday Meals
Living Nativity Long Island Presbytery News
Memorial Bench MICAH Meals
The Open Door
One Great Hour of Sharing
Pantry Donation PC USA news
Per Capita Recognition Sunday

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We're going to need your help to deliver Easter Meals   

Easter will be here on April 21 and we're going to need your help to deliver Easter Meals on Saturday, April 20. Join us to help spread Christ's love to those that need our help.

Once again, our Deacons are coordinating Easter Holiday Meal delivery - just like they do at Christmas and Thanksgiving - and they always need more drivers.

See any Deacon to volunteer to deliver a meal... or two.

Our Deacons come together to assemble Holiday meals,
They always need more volunteers to get behind the wheel.
This is one of Bethany's special missions to reveal
God's love for those who are sick, shut in or trying to heal,
or neighbors needing a little reassurance just to feel...
that someone cares!

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Canned vegetables are on the menu

Hunger is real and more people on Long Island are feeling its bite. But with your help, we'll make a difference and reduce the sting.

Please leave your donation in the wicker basket in the Narthex.

Any non-perishable food item is appreciated and helps support the Huntington Community Food Council. Each month, we'll suggest a new item.


Jan - peanut butter & jelly

Feb - canned meats & fish

Mar - canned soup

Apr - canned vegetables




May - cereal & dry/powdered milk

Jun - grains (rice/oatmeal)

Jul - canned meats & fish

Aug - peanut butter & jelly



Sep - canned vegetables

Oct - canned soup

Nov - canned meats & fish

Dec - cereal & dry/powdered milk

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The Open Door Newsletter - March/April 2019

Read the March/April newsletter.

The Open Door newsletter keeps you 'in the know' on Bethany Happenings. Hear from Pastor Rea in the 'Parsonally Speaking' introduction, learn what's coming up and hear from members.

The deadline for the May/June issue is Monday, April 15, 2019.

You are invited to contribute and share articles, stories, and announcements - as well as announce and report Bethany and Presbyterian Church USA events, and provide statements for the newsletter.

Please submit articles to Cherie Cornell on or before the deadline; send to: either as an attachment in word format or in the message of an email. Or, you can hand deliver it to Cherie Cornell at church no later than Sunday April 14. If handwritten, please be sure it is easily readable. Also, please reflect a positive uplifting tone in your submission.

Calendar items for the May/June newsletter should also be submitted to the church office by the April 15th deadline. Email:

Those persons who have submitted their email address to the church office will receive the e-newsletter. If you have not had the opportunity to submit your email address, but wish to receive the e-newsletter, let the church office know by emailing your email address to:

You may also take this opportunity to update your email address, as well as your children’s email address. If there is someone you’d like to receive Bethany’s e-newsletter, we would be happy to include them.

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Our new Business facebook page gives us features we didn't have before.

Our page is public and friends can easily REVIEW Bethany - we'd appreciate if you give us 5 stars. You can also LIKE our page - another important feature.

With the new EVENT feature, we can share more details about upcoming events and reach more people.

With the LEARN MORE feature, the facebook page links directly to our website. We are diverse. We are inclusive. We welcome you to the warm, friendly atmosphere that is Bethany Presbyterian Church. Save our site as a favorite to stay 'in the know' on the latest Bethany Happenings.

And there are more options available; CHOOSE THE VIEW you want - from Community news to Posts and more.

Now that our page is back, we've already invited all our previous friends. Please feel free to send your friend request to us and we'll respond as soon as possible to join you to our facebook page: Bethany Presbyterian Church Huntington.

IMPORTANT - Any other page that you find on facebook with our name is NOT our OFFICIAL page. Please do not post your information there.

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Be a part of One Great Hour of Sharing  

Your donation has a BIG impact on the community!

When you give generously to this special offering you help multiple causes at one time.

Between now and April, consider donating to this important cause and mark your offering to designate that it's for One Great Hour of Sharing.

This special Easter time offering is not just a donation. Giving generously to the One Great Hour of Sharing offering is a tangible way to demonstrate our faith. Your offering supports self-development of people, helps to feed the hungry and provides shelter for the homeless.

Choose one cause or all and click here to learn how your offering is used.

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MICAH Meals start a new year!
Click here for Calendar, usually the 3rd Saturday at noon 

Join us for MICAH Meals and share Bethany hospitality.

MICAH meals have come a long way since the first meal in December of 2006 when Bethany fed seven guests.

Now MICAH meals serve more than 100 guests each month!

MICAH means Mobilized Interfaith Coalition Against Hunger - it's another way for Bethany to share God's love and help fight hunger in our community. And you can help - contact Marcenie Allen-Teischman or the church office.

Learn more and get involved in some of our other ways to help those in need: HIHI (Huntington Interfaith Homeless Initiative), our food Pantry and our 'Grow to Give' Garden.

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Time for a pressure check?
Click here for Calendar, usually the 2nd Sunday

The new year is a great time to check your blood pressure after church and get a baseline for the year. Each month, usually on the second Sunday right after church, get your blood pressure professionally checked.

Know Your Numbers

The higher number -- systolic pressure -- when the heart beats
The lower number -- diastolic pressure -- when the heart rests between beats

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Reminder: 2019 Per Capita donations  

We thank you for being generous to Bethany - with your talents, time and donations.

As a gentle reminder, Per Capita donations for 2019 are due.

If you haven't already submitted your annual donation, please consider doing this now so that it can be included on your next Contributor statement.

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2019 Annual Congregational meeting  

The annual Congregational Meeting of Bethany was called into order with a full quorum.

Session, Deacon and committee members gave updates on their annual progress and activities. Officers were nominated and voted into position, and with God's grace, the Pastor's call was unanimously renewed.


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Bethany Youth take the lead in Community Living Nativity drama  

Bethany youth shared their amazing singing and acting talents in the 13th Annual Living Nativity drama - where we bring to the Huntington community the story of Christ's birth through live musical and dramatic performances.

This year - "A Child's Prayer" - highlighted the critical importance of diversity and inclusion and brought our youth's perspective to the forefront.

Our Living Nativity Drama is Bethany's way of giving a special Christmas present to family, friends, guests, and the neighboring community.

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Fourteen Years of HIHI  

14 years - for some, that may be a long time to commit to a cause... but not for Bethany.

14 years - that's how long Bethany has faithfully served as a 'host' church for HIHI: the Huntington Interfaith Homeless Initiative.

Volunteers welcomed guests with a warm meal and a warm bed. In partnership with the Family Service League, Bethany Presbyterian Church along with other local churches, provides a home for the homeless - even if only for a night.

Did you know? In 2011, the Times of Huntington honored HIHI volunteers as 'People of the Year in Religion'!

For more information about HIHI , contact Ed Wong or Lanzel Powell. Or consider helping through our other outreach efforts: MICAH meals, the food Pantry and our 'Grow to Give' Garden.

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Christmas meals deliver holiday appeal  

Each year, the need for Deacons' holiday meal delivery grows. On Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving, we find that we are busier than the year before... and thanks to His grace, we always have more than enough food to go around.

Drivers are another matter; we always need more. They meet at the church at 9 am; volunteers meet at 8 am.

Each 'care package' includes a meal, dessert, and an invitation to our next event. You may be blessed to have somewhere to go and someone to spend holidays with, but everyone doesn't.

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  Thank you for delivering Thanksgiving Meals   

We have so much to be thankful for and are grateful to have an abundance to share.

This year, 49 meals were delivered to 39 addresses. Thank you to all our meal preparers and drivers.

We're looking forward to your help for Easter and Christmas meals.

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Recognition Sunday is great time to say "Thank You"  

Once again, we had a great celebration recognizing the success of our Sunday School students and teachers.

Students, thank you for coming to Sunday School to learn about Jesus.
Teachers, thank you for helping to build a strong foundation in our children.
Parents, thank you for devotedly bringing your children to church.

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PC USA News about the Presbyterian Church

The Presbyterian News Service (PNS) is the official news agency of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Its job is to gather and disseminate news and information about the denomination and its work to church members, church officials, religious and secular media and the public. Read the latest news and blog on the PC USA news site.

Learn more about the Presbyterian Church and read the latest PC USA news.

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Presbytery of Long Island - get the latest news

The Long Island Presbytery serves Nassau and Suffolk county, and if taken together, is the sixth largest city in the nation. 

"We, the Presbytery of Long Island, through our congregations and beyond, will create lively partnership ministries that all may hear, embrace, and enjoy new life in Jesus Christ. There is a fresh sense of spirituality across the Presbytery. While we may not always agree with one another, we celebrate a unity in the Spirit of Christ. Common spiritual practices help us."

Learn more about the Presbytery and read the latest Long Island Presbytery news.

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Bethany bench to honor your loved ones

Have you ever paused to really look around at the beautiful grounds where Bethany is blessed to be located? Our five acres of land are perfectly filled with the right balance of trees and views of the sky to allow for contemplative reflection.

With our Memorial Bench plan, members can now honor and memorialize their loved ones with a Bethany bench - providing an idyllic place to sit, meditate, pray and enjoy this beauty and their thoughts in God's presence.

Here's how the plan works:

  • Deacons facilitate placement and installation of bench with endless possibilities for arranging on grounds

  • Each bench accommodates up to four commemorative plaques and is installed after four plaques are ordered

  • Each plaque, sized 8 inches x 3 inches, costs $300 each and includes customized engraving with room for 5 lines of script

  • Upkeep, care and all maintenance provided by Bethany Presbyterian Church

For more information and to see actual bench samples, please contact Marilynne Geiffert or Suzanne Idise.

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