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Between Ash Wednesday and Easter, we celebrate Lent.

Spend a few minutes each day on and take a Journey to the Cross to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

Learn what it means to be a Christian and what this special time of year means for you. More >

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Advent means coming  

Advent means coming. Christmas is coming.

Advent is the time of year when Christians wait and prepare to celebrate the birth - the Nativity - of Jesus.

In the Christian church, advent officially begins four Sundays before Christmas, which means it often begins the Sunday after Thanksgiving. More >

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Get Your Christian Education

Christian education for Bethany Youth includes regular Sunday School, the Children's Sermon and confirmation class.

We keep our youth inspired and connected via:
Sunday School - available for Preschool through grade 12
Children's Sermon - included in weekly worship service
Confirmation Class - available for High School students

In Confirmation, students learn about our Christian faith by studying scriptures and prepare for full membership in the Presbyterian Church. After making their pledge before the congregation, they are ready to go into the world to do as Christ commands.

Confirmation class usually includes one week of a youth community service event with travel to communities in need. Our youth group bonds together as they focus on servicing the needs of others while growing closer to Christ.

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Sunday School is over, but you can still stay connected to God through

In just a few minutes each day, helps you get a little closer to God by understanding how His words impact your life. Download the app and get started.

...and it's not just for kids, either!


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Children's Sermon teaches a weekly lesson

No one can argue that the Children's Sermon is a favorite part of our weekly services.

It's a time to teach the lesson in a way the everyone can understand it... and show our children that what they contribute with their honest comments is important and valued by the congregation.

Children, you're invited! Come to the Children's Sermon and be a part of it.

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Games, Games, and more Games!

Bethany young and old had a wonderful night together at the annual Game Night.

Light refreshments were provided by the Nurture committee during the 2 hour event.

It's a wonderful time to take busy schedules down a notch and spend time with family and friends.

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Kids 4 Kids is 4 YOU  

Kids have the right to be healthy, safe and be heard. The Kids 4 Kids web site gives them that opportunity and they'll find simple tools to help them make good choices. Even at a young age, their decisions make a difference in God's world around them.

The site is organized around the four basic rights identified by the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. It's designed to help children identify what's right, what's not, and what they can do.

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